Pets Not Profit Campaign

Pets Not Profit was a campaign I started as part of my 3rd-year University studies,
however, it turned into something much more important.
I became an advocator for animal rights, through my own personal blog Pets Not Profit, with the hashtag Backyard Breeding, and a petition started on

Backyard Breeding is a term used to describe amateur animal breeders whose breeding is considered substandard, with little or misguided effort towards ethical, selective breeding.

My campaigns aim was to raise more awareness of backyard breeding – taking into consideration new breeding laws and encouraging people to check conditions thoroughly before adopting animals, in an attempt to stop backyard breeding altogether.

I feel I successfully achieved this through social networking, and a range of articles – published on my own personal blog and the Northern Quota.

The success of my campaign earned me a first-class grade.

Tally’s Story

My first story – the story that inspired the campaign as a whole – was the story of pitbull Tally. I reached out to owner Adam Householder who told me the heartbreaking story of Tally’s years of abuse due to backyard breeding.

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PETA strives for more awareness of Backyard Breeding
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Animal Welfare organisations RSPCA and Dog’s Trust back new breeding regulations
For this article, I spoke to famous dog rescue organisations RSPCA and Dog’s Trust who spoke to me about the backing of new government regulations enforcing tighter restrictions regarding backyard breeding.
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South Australia already ahead of the game in the fight for the reduction of backyard breeders
For this article, I spoke to local in South Australia Shelley Wells who informed me about up-to-date and more effective regulations involving backyard breeding.
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Are certain dog breeds being exploited when it comes to backyard breeding
My final article was inspired by numerous stories I had heard when researching backyard breeding – with a specific focus on pit bulls, and brachycephalic dog breeds such as bulldogs and pugs, who are bred for specific appearances. I spoke to animal advocacy group ‘Howl To Help Animal Advocacy Group’ about this important issue.

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BLARE Magazine Project

Working as part of a 5-piece group, we were tasked to create our own full magazine, with an equal number of pages each. We chose to create a music magazine, based primarily around less-known artists.
We each took on a particular music genre within this category – mine being folk and rock, as well as feature pieces based on something we were passionate about.
The finished production earned us a first-class grade, although looking back the finished product could use some tweaks, as an amateur production, I am extremely proud of what myself and my team produced.