Reflection: life after university and random thoughts

I started writing this whilst finishing my last assignment of my university course, and evidently gave up as it’s now over a year later. This may or may not sum up my post university experience.

I didn’t at the time know exactly what to write as I hadn’t even finished university yet but I wanted to give an insight to even a couple of people if I could about how I felt at the time. I then realised that everyone’s going to feel something different, and now a year later – it might just be the best time to write this.

When it comes to the point in the journey when you’re completing your last exams or assignments, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for most students to be frankly, well, fed up as the end of their the university period draws closer and closer.

Finishing university seemed like an exciting prospect – I was excited to not have to be part of the education train anymore and be free to do / write / be whatever I wanted. My degree was writing related – however towards the end of my degree I ended up sort of despising writing (due to the assignment side of the degree – all my work being critiqued massively which brought my confidence down a little), which is why I wanted to start writing again even if it was just for a small audience – even just my friends and family reading it. Yet, regretfully here I am a year later having not even written a creative sentence since I’ve left university.


 Coming back to this piece after nearly a year of COVID-19 and lockdown looming, it seems the words I wrote nearly a year ago have become all the more prevalent. With job unemployment reaching an all time high, mental health climaxing and the government struggling to cope with current times.

  If I thought my University and post-university experience was difficult, it’s become obvious that I was one of the lucky ones. With many university students locked in accommodations and attending university virtually.

The struggle I can only imagine of the lack of motivation to learn is more evident than ever – you only have to turn to social media to see the countless reports of students struggling with not only coursework and exams but mental health and social expectations. University should be – above all things – a social haven for anybody and everybody, yet being forced to socialise with only those you live with could prove detrimental to the particularly socially-dependant generation attending university.

 I don’t really know what the purpose of this piece was, and I still don’t – apart from a way to get some of my feelings post university; not knowing what I want to do, lack of support, feeling like you’ve failed at something. One good thing I believe to come from this is friends – seeing my friends and even past university friends succeeding is the little glimmer of hope I believe everyone needs. Whether it be friends or family you’re proud of – or people you see on social media or in the news, being happy for other people and seeing them succeed could be the push you need to succeed yourself. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and remember to take care of your loved ones 🙂 

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