Roadworks on Oxford Road

Although the new plans for Oxford Road may be impressive and make one of the busiest roads in Europe somewhat less busy and more accessible for buses, taxis, bikes and pedestrians, the disruption to the roads usual flow in the meantime is causing some major issues for commuters in Manchester.

Many bus routes have been cancelled or delayed due to these ongoing roadworks, with many commuters having to find alternative routes to work or uni. The plans for Oxford Road may provide these commuters with easier transport once they are finished, but in the meantime they are causing major disruption – especially coming up to the busy Christmas period. The new ‘bus gate’ means drivers must turn right at Hathersage Road between 6am and 9pm, 7 days-a week.


The roadworks are not only disrupting bus routes for commuters but also providing some issues with pedestrians with loud drills and diggers creating some chaos, and also some disruption to paths, with many commuters having to walk along dangerous roads to get to their destination.


The roadworks have also affected access from side roads along Oxford Road, including roads leading to MMU Buildings, which may cause major disruption to students and staff at MMU.




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