My First Impressions of MMU

My first few weeks at MMU

With still living at home for the course of my first year at uni, the thought of travelling to Manchester every day and stepping into a foreign location for the first time seemed somewhat daunting.

I knew vaguely through a few exchanged messages of some students on my course, but not enough for me to have felt comforted on my first day. The induction week suddenly seemed to be one of the scariest moments in my life yet – staring University, meeting new people, studying in a completely different city to what I was used to (with the expectations of getting lost firmly planted at the back of my mind) – suddenly I felt completely grown up.

Geoffrey Manton Building Interior

My first day

From not being able to find my bus stop, to struggling to find anyone I was familiar with to completely failing at finding the Geoffrey Manton Building – my first day was probably what you would call a complete disaster. However, after finding one person I knew in front of the Business Building, I found we were both in the same position and both laughed at our struggles of finding anything. We eventually found the building and managed to make it to our first lecture (on time, thankfully!). My first day turned out to be a massive eye-opener, that uni was not as scary as I first thought it might be; everyone was as friendly as I hoped, the tutors were understanding of our fears and slowed us into the topics. In small groups we were given the task to interview a member of staff as if it were a news report, which at first was a terrifying thought, but turned out to be quite enjoyable and during just my first day I’d already learnt some vital skills to becoming a journalist.

Experience so far

My following days and weeks at uni went in a similar fashion (minus the getting lost). I feel now as if I have gained a considerable amount of independence, from travelling around Manchester by myself, having control of my own money and getting myself to classes on time. The prospects of my course are exciting and hopefully enable me to chose a future career. I hope the rest of my time here at MMU will be as positive as my first few weeks have been – with the ability to make good friends, and come out at the end with an amazing qualification.


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